Netfit with Sarah Wall and Kim Green

On Monday the 10th of October at nine thirty Kim Green and Sarah Wall came to our school to help us grade 5/6 girls   deal with negitivity and mean people.They tought us a few strageties to help with anxeity and stress.

Some techniques were the water bottle tip which is were you lay down and pretend your bottle the water is at your feet and it has to rise to your head with out 1 thought popping in your head if a thought does hop in your head you have to start again

Lawn Bolwes

For P.E we have been learning about Lawn Bowles we had Troye  come in to teach us. When we first started  I don’t think any of us students  how to play  the sport but it turned out to be really easy once we had a few tries most of us got it. The main object of the game is to make the ball get as close as it can to the jack which is another little ball, you do not want the ball to touch the jack you just wanted to come close.


For reading time I’ve been reading a really good book called Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg. The book is about an ordinary teenage girl who is sixteen and is on tour with her super famous boyfriend Noah Flynn but when everything goes down hill super fast will penny stay on tour or go back home? read this book and find out.


For the past week or two we have been busy learning about percentages . The word percent is Latin the per means each and the cent means 100 so together it makes per 100. The percent sign is this little symbol % the percent symbol makes it easier to use instead of writing 100 every time you want to write a percentage

Vincent Lingiari

Vincent Lingiari was an Aboriginal elder. The white people came and stole the Gurindji land near Darwin. The Gurindji people worked for nothing but rations [rations are pieces of food.] Vincent thought this was not enough so he  and the other people of the Gurindji tribe went on strike. Some of the Gurindji tribe thought  that going on strike was to hard so some of the tribe left because they couldn’t handle not getting food.The Gurindli people waited nine years to get their land back. The white people offered money but the Gurindji people said no because they only  wanted their land back. Vincent flew down to Sydney to talk with the big league they said they will do the job. After the nine years in 1975 Gouth Whitlam gave the Aboriginal tribe their land back by pouring sand back into Vincent’s hand to say here is your land back



live life and dont worry about the haters

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