Vincent Lingiari

Vincent Lingiari was an Aboriginal elder. He and the other men of the Gurindji tribe worked on a cattle farm.


When the white people came they stole the Gurindji land and made the Gurindji tribe work for nothing but rashens  (food peices).


The Gurindji tribe waited for 8 and half years to get their land. During the 8  years the Gurindji people decided that working for rashens was not enough so they went on strike .The white people came and said you can have just a little bit of land but they still decided that was not enough.

Some of the Gurindji tribe decided to go back to work as it wasn’t enough.

Goulf  Whitman gave a very big prensentation  about giving the land back to the Gurindji tribe, by pouring sand and dirt into vincent hand to say have your land back.


From maggie


Good Bye Boy I will miss you

I walked up to you to say good bye. We have had lots of fun times together in the last 10 years. This is how it has to end i know it is not fair.  Lfe is cruel good things bad things happen to you.Tears sting my eyes with hurt and pain.


We line all the horses up.We bring our rifles to eye sight

1 2 3 bang lots of horse fall down my heart pounds. I could see was your carmel maine with blood stains oh boy I will miss you and your brave heart.


We all turn and walk away. A tear rolls down my cheek. I head for the ship I see My mate Craig on the ship he is crying heavly. “It’s ok mate it was for the best of them.”

My War Story

My heart was pumping my adrenalin was running bang bang more bullets were flying. Oh God please allow me to live another day and  to survive this war I prayed in my thoughts. I pulled Dusty my horse along with the bridle. “Let’s go boy today is not the day we are going to die.”I said to trusty old mate.

“John come here we need to talk.”The chief said. “Yes captain.” You realise dusty your horse will not be able to come home with you back to Darwin it is to dangerous to take the horse on the ship.” “But that is not fair we bought him over here why can’t we take him back? Less people will be on the ship and more space.” It is no deal with it.”

Bang Bang.” Well it looks like we won’t be taking dusty after all.” I said teary.

I walked backed to my trench slowly and sadly, when i got there I heard the ticking of a grenade.Boom i felt hurt my eyes were shut tightly I opened them to see a  dirty muddy hand ready to pull me up. It was a Japenese soldier

I wrapped my arm around his neck while he was helping get to the nurse station “Thanks.” I say, but he shakes his  head because it must mean something else. When I’m at the nurse station he grabs his rifle points his hat down and leaves i tell the nurse that i will miss him and i start to cry.

Right now in 1932 i have 3 little girls and a loving wife. I now live in the city part of Melbourne.


Soon my story will be told all over Australia so please listen.


this story is fiction but based on a big event any names events or any other things  that happened in this story that is the same to you please don’t hold a grudge.