Once and Then Presentation

The locket is special to Felix because it is keeping his best friend and “sister”safe,Zelda won’t wear it because I think she is trying to keep felix safe so that he will wear it instead.Inside the locket there is a photo of Zelda’s parents her,dad is in a Nazi uniform,that is keeping Zelda safe so she can the Nazis her locket with the photo of her dad so they know she is a German instead of a Jew.


I think Zelda and Genia want to buy Felix the locket so that he can be  safe as well and for Zelda to wear hers has well so the Nazis think Felix has the same photo as Zelda.


Zelda’s locket represents hope,safety,love and family, Zelda’s  parents gave her the locket to keep her safe. Zelda must really miss her parents as she always goes back to them like mummy did this daddy did that so on.


that was my presentation on Once and Then

thanks for reading