stay cool

To get cool,go bomb into a pool,

get an icy pole ,or ice cream in a bowl

get a fan ,if you can

don’t touch the metal,beside the bike petal.

thanks for reading my short poem no enjoy a cool fact,the hottest place on earth in 2005 was Lut desert

Hottest place on earth

Lut Dessert is the hottest place on earth. In 2005 it got up to 70.7 degrees celcuis this tempture was repeated up to 2009. The hottest place might change from year to year but Lut Dessert will always be the hottest place on earth for 2005.

Fraction donimos

Sheena ,Philip and I did fractions using special fraction donimos. We tried to put a up but couldn’t we place the fractions down onto the ground and looked at the picture that shown a fraction and looked for the numbered name.


Adam Goodes

My first opinion was he was bringing it  it on to himself and he knew he was too.I also agreed with what my dad was saying.


Now the table has turned I think he is a nice man who understood perfectly what was going on. About two years ago a thirteen year old girl called Adam an ape. People said Adam was overeacting about pointing at her.Some people said he was doing the right thing by pointing at her because she might grow up still doing those sort of things and I’m with those people.

People have been booing Adam because they thought it was okay but it  made him quit his job for a while.


I think we should support Adam and support what he is going through